Mel Rake - Drums

Mel was born into a musical family and banged on everything he could until the age of 8. He was then handed a set of drumsticks, a beginner book, and told "Figure it out, smartass!" By age 10, he was given his first drum set. A few amazing and talented instructors later, he was released to the public at age 13. Mel found his early style playing rock covers from the 60s, 70s and 80s in a bar band. Lessons continued and musical influences grew throughout the 90s. Grunge, punk, rap and hip hop were popular favorites Working with his father's audio company, he learned much in the ways of production. If he wasn't working a sound board or setting scenes in the light show, he was in the bars playing drums and recording tracks in the studio. "As an open mic junkie, I learned how to play with anyone, from the guy who just learned his first song, to seasoned musicians. I never really knew what song someone was gonna spring on me to play so I had to be ready for everything. It made me build a large portfolio of songs and styles to draw on" said Mel for the purpose of this bio. Drums and production have taken Mel all over the Eastern United States. Recently he has been songwriting and studying narration. He said "Thinking in the third person, especially about myself, is dangerously disconnecting and possibly addicting."